About Snapchat

Snapchat is a messaging app available on Andriod and iOS devices that is based on sending photos to a set list of recipients. These photo’s are called “Snaps” and can be customized with text and a paint tool so you can draw over it.
Users set a time limit on the snaps, from 1-10 seconds, which gives the recipient that amount of time to view the snap before it is unavailable to view again. The only way to see the image again is to use Replay which can only be used once a day or you screenshot the image however with the limited time and the fact you have to hold your finger on the image to keep the snap up this can be difficult. Also the sender will be notified when their snap has been screenshot and who has done it, so you have to be careful not to break someones trust with it.

Each user has a score and “best friends”. Both of these features are based around how many snaps you send and how many you snaps you receive.
Your score is the total number of sent and received snaps and to see it you go to your feed page and tap “snapchat” at the top of the screen and the two numbers will appear as “0000|0000” (sent|received).

Your best friends are the users you snap back and forth with the most often and your list is updated weekly. You can see who your best friends are when you’re deciding who send a snap to, they are located at the top so you can access them the easiest. Another way to view your best friends is to go on the My Friends screen and tap your name at the top, you can view your friend’s best friends you just tap their name like you did yours.

Recently, the developers at Snapchat Inc. have added on two new features called Chat and Here.
Chat is where you swipe against one of your friends names on the Feed screen and you can use it as a normal messenger service. You can also send snaps through the chat feature by using the yellow camera icon on the Chat screen.
Here is a video messenger service on the app that is accessed through Chat. When you are online at the same time as your friend the yellow camera icon on Chat will turn blue and all you have to do is hold that down and you’re connected to Here.
Although these are both nice additions to the app, not many users enjoy using them as it takes away from the original premise of Snapchat.

Statistics show that approx. 400 million Snaps are received everyday and 88% of Snaps are sent to only one person. 70% of users are female and the core audience are 13-20 year olds. 25% of UK Smartphone users have Snapchat. The app has an estimated 5 million users that active daily.

(Statistics found at: Metro and DMR)


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